Baxter Beads

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amy harkins wrote on June 4,2012 about this piece

Melanie wrote on January 4,2012
It was great meeting you today ! Your lampwork and jewelry is beautiful :)

Molly Taylor wrote on December 12,2011
Hi Ashley, I met your Mom today. What a lovely lady! She shared your site with me and I love it. What a talent you have! Keep up the good work!

Michelle Howland Contreras wrote on June 7,2011
I can't wait to but a pair of earrings! Everything looks wonderful!

Becky Hakansson wrote on May 6,2011
Absolutely beautiful works of art!

tk wrote on April 13,2011
Hey Ash, this looks really good , well said as well:) "your kick ass" and a very nice site. I hope this finds you doing well as I imagine you will, and your work speaks for it self.. Like you a thing of beauty.T

patricia wrote on April 13,2011
Exquisite creations!

Angelina Jolie wrote on March 27,2011
Please send me a complete listing of your inventory. I would like one of each.

Melissa Dorsey wrote on March 25,2011
I am envious, everything is gorgeous!!

Jessica Hamway wrote on March 25,2011
Everything here is amazing, Ashley!! So happy to see you doing what you love most!! xoxo

daddy-do wrote on March 22,2011
wish we could see the artist that does such beautiful work!

Amanda Studt wrote on March 16,2011
Gorgeous! Everyone should own and cherish a piece of your beautiful artist lamp-worked beads, through individual beads, jewelry, or keychains! WOW! You are a gift to us all, as as are your creations. Much love - always! xo

Kerry-Lynn Houghton wrote on March 14,2011
Love the Jewlery!!! Your Awsome Ash.......

elizabeth hughes wrote on March 11,2011 about this piece
Beautiful Work!

Daddy-Do wrote on March 9,2011
what a BEAUTIFUL site!!!

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